Keeping a Seldom Used Plane Ready to Fly

If you have a plane but don’t get to fly as often as you wish you probably leave it in storage for long periods of time. If you only fly once a month or even less you will need to take some precautions to make sure the plane is ready to go when you are finally ready for take off. Here are just a few things that you should check into when leaving your plane sit for long periods of time:

Battery MINDer – Just a like a car battery a plane battery will slowly lose its charge if the plane is not flown on regular basis. You don’t want to show up at the airport ready to fly and find the battery is dead. A battery minder will check the charge of the battery from time to time and make sure it is always charged and ready to go. These units are reasonably priced and well worth the cost.

Check the tires – If a plane sits for a long time it is possible for the tires to dry rot. This makes them unstable and likely to blow out at the wrong time like take off or landing. Be sure to check the tires and lock wire every time before you fly.



Need a New Auto Darkening Welding Helmet?

You know as a welder, that a ‘must have’ item is an auto darkening welding helmet. If you have to constantly flip your helmet up and down you are losing time and probably are also missing the mark more often than you would like to admit. An auto darkening welding helmet makes you a better welder and definitely saves you a lot of time.

It can be confusing to choose an auto darkening welding helmet if you are not familiar with the latest technologies. Plus, there are many companies out there today which sell these welding helmets, making it even more confounding. However, a good way to choose an auto darkening welding helmet that is right for you is to use the vast amount of information that is available online.

There are scores of articles online which have been written by welders and which offer tips as to how to go about choosing welding helmets. Finding these articles is easy as you only need to use your online searching skills. You also could consider visiting the websites of top manufacturers of welding helmets such as Jackson and Miller so that you can view photos of welding helmets and read about the technologies today’s modern helmets feature.

GUIDED PAR30 Dimmable Light



This kind of innovative product or service is incredibly functional considering that it might be utilized anyplace out of your home for your business office. GUIDED light sources are exceedingly light-weight, vitality successful, sturdy and may final pertaining to many years. The number of light may also be managed relating for you personally. cheap leds include the present innovations with light technological innovation which have been swiftly using the site on the typical incandescent light bulbs. Genuinely, incandescent light sources usually are method more cost-effective however it really does far more problems for the environment. That they use up excessive power when compared with LEDs. Additionally they usually do not final of which very long therefore you go on updating all of them every so often. As well as your money as well as period invested in all of them. Just like that which was said sooner, it is not risk-free for your environment since it includes substances like argon as well as mercury. Or even disposed appropriately, the item contaminates the landfill as well as obtains produced within the air flow later on.


As being a matter of actuality, LEDs happen to be all-around since the labor and birth on the initial electronic merchandise in the market. However, it had been merely being employed because electric power indicators to indicate in case a certain device is usually with or maybe not. Over time, it had been used pertaining to dancing demonstrates like these found on stereo audio equalizers. And then the item grew to become employed in additional cease equipment and lighting as well as nowadays, employed in the stoplights independently. Currently, typically each and every modern-day device or maybe tool works by using a minumum of one GUIDED light inside them. At this time, it is being employed with telly panels as well as the major advertising snowboards you’ll find within the streets. They do not discharge excessive temperature as well as use up a little vitality when compared to common plasma telly. LCDs will need back-lights as opposed to GUIDED home theatre systems. That’s why TV SET sets at this point usually are slimmer previously.